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Anime Sickos: A podcast for geniuses exploring the four pillars of modern misery: anime, gaming, posting, and jobs.

Jul 27, 2023

The Anime Sickos present: Sicko Shock 2 - A Miniseries in Six Episodes.


In the year 42069, humanity survives in the last livable place on Earth: the domed cyberpunk dystopia Sicko City. In Sicko City, all citizens are required to jack in to cyberspace every day to view and engage with content generated by “Posters,” mega-celebrities who live like gods. But beneath its shimmering surface, five forgotten people are about to make history...

Dr. Fiona Firewire is a professor. Her area of study, anthropology, is the laughingstock of Sicko University. Her brilliance is infectious and undeniable, but has suffered years of disrespect and obscurity. Sicko City works hard to bury its history, but what might happen if someone was dedicated enough to bring the truth to light?

Gwynn Fulcher as Dr. Fiona Firewire
Zoe Lee as Defrag Clemens
Megan Scharlau as Mysterious Woman
Sean Rose as Dr. Reeve Overclock
Andrew Sherman as Port Browser
Edward Selvey IV as Dome Guard
Josh Watkins as Todd Kill
Tom Harrison as Tom
Dylan Mullins as Jordi

Additional voices by Isa Harrison, Sara McHenry, Stevie Mattos, John Hasier, Lily Mae Randles, Rayne Klar, Vince White, Scott Blaha, Cory Wilmarth, Brandon Kirkman, Em Havery, Hobert Thompson, Marc Harrison, Josh McVety, John Keogh, Whitney Reynolds, Alice Kyra, and Sarah McClintock.

Episode 4 art is by KC Green.

Sicko Shock 2 is recorded where possible by Geramie Causley at Mystery Street Studios in Chicago Illinois.

Audio editing is by Eric Garneau.

Special thanks to Chelsea Harfoush, Aleks M, Tom and Sara McHenry, and Adam Goron.

Sicko Shock 2 was made possible by support from our Patrons. You can support Anime Sickos at

The script for episode 4 can be found here:

Sicko Shock 2 is written and directed by Tom Harrison.