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Anime Sickos: A podcast for geniuses exploring the four pillars of modern misery: anime, gaming, posting, and jobs.

Oct 23, 2019

The Sickos take a load off and discuss what video games they're playing lately, and how Dragon Quest's complete refusal to do anything you don't expect can sometimes be exactly the kind of soothing balm a sicko mind needs. Then we relive the hated years known as College, explaining why it's a big lie that we got...

Oct 9, 2019

The Sickos discuss the 1989 cinema classic Road House, and share their irrefutable theory that it is anime. With 7 undeniable pieces of evidence, you will never be able to see Road House the same way--you will see it in a better way. An anime way.

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Oct 2, 2019

Sicko Extraordinaire Sara McHenry joins the Sickos to discuss her freedom from anime, her compulsion to post, her love of The Mountain Goats (arguably a form of anime?), and why zines are a unique and fulfilling way to create art in a fucked up world!

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