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Anime Sickos: A podcast for geniuses exploring the four pillars of modern misery: anime, gaming, posting, and jobs.

Jul 28, 2023

The Anime Sickos present: Sicko Shock 2 - A Miniseries in Six Episodes.


In the year 42069, humanity survives in the last livable place on Earth: the domed cyberpunk dystopia Sicko City. In Sicko City, all citizens are required to jack in to cyberspace every day to view and engage with content generated by “Posters,” mega-celebrities who live like gods. But beneath its shimmering surface, five forgotten people are about to make history...

Tor Client is a shaper. On their pirate streams, Tor evangelizes the revolutionary potential of the Internet. But how much transfiguring freedom is there on a platform that exists solely for state-mandated Posting? It’d take some kind of divine revelation for Tor to fully understand the potential of their ideology...

Lexi Conwell as Tor Client
Dave Le as Force Recheck
Carlos Rivera as Password Reset
Diana Helen Kennedy as IRC Client
Mike Paine as Public Address System Voice
Dylan Mullins as Jordi

Additional voices by Paul Starr, Kevin Johnson, Chuck Rios, Devon Price, Tom McHenry, Alex Borkowski, Zach Caton, KC Green, Rachel Callagher, Taylor Moore, James Medley, Mike Hasier, MinvoskyArticle, Chris Hutton, Zac Gorman, Marquez, Angela Quinton, Andrew Piechota, Eddie Feeley, Aleks M, Molly Starr, and Codex Melcher.

Episode 5 art is by Evan Dahm.

Sicko Shock 2 is recorded where possible by Geramie Causley at Mystery Street Studios in Chicago Illinois.

Audio editing is by Eric Garneau.

Special thanks to Chelsea Harfoush, Aleks M, Tom and Sara McHenry, and Adam Goron.

Sicko Shock 2 was made possible by support from our Patrons. You can support Anime Sickos at

The script for episode 5 can be found here:

Sicko Shock 2 is written and directed by Tom Harrison.