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Anime Sickos: A podcast for geniuses exploring the four pillars of modern misery: anime, gaming, posting, and jobs.

Jun 30, 2021

The Anime Sickos present: The Tragical History of Modesty City, a Play in Five Acts

Directed by Tom Harrison and Joe Anderson

Written by Tom Harrison from a story by Joe Anderson and Tom Harrison

Audio Design and Engineering by Adam Goron

Act 5 Scene 1 Audio Design and Engineering by Casey Toney

Joseph - Joe Anderson
Thomas - Tom Harrison
Bryan Steven A’Lee Stevenson - Tom Harrison
Doctor Villlainsworth - Vince White
Godwin Godsfear - Andrew Sherman
Rachel Godsfear - Gwynn Fulcher
Violet Godsfear - Mike Hasier
Sasuke Godsfear - James Medley
Young Goody - Allie Reid
Jordi - Dylan Mullins

Additional voices provided by Charlotte Elena, erica dreisbach, Paul Starr, John Hasier, Aaron J. Shelton, Alex Borkowski, Erika Lavin, Roxane West, Angela Quinton, Ian Preschel, Kevin Johnson, Codex Melcher, Quinn Welsh-Wilson, Chuck Rios, Devon Price, Sara McHenry, Riley Hopkins, Mike Migdall, Casey Toney, and Tom McHenry.

See the full script here: